About Us

 The Best Quality Faux Flowers To Be Enjoyed For Life

At Petals for Life our passion for faux flowers has a long history. For many years we’ve been obsessed with the very best quality stems that are hard to distinguish with fresh. We find it fascinating and rewarding to create works of art that enhance the beauty of a room, calmly there to be enjoyed every day.

We love homes that are welcoming and furnished with the unique flair of individuals. Flowers and foliage are the crowning touch of a finely decorated area; whether it’s an arrangement that unites the colours of the room or a few simple sprigs of greenery, it’s always the point that rounds off the décor perfectly.

It’s lovely to be given a bunch of fresh flowers that have pride of place for the few weeks they live, then after the last leaf has withered it sadly leaves a void. Our flowers solve this by never wilting or need watering and can save you money on regular fresh purchases! Virtually maintenance free apart from a light dust (like we have to with everything else in our homes) and means your space is permanently attractive to all who occupy it.

If you do need to give your flowers a deeper clean then we recommend using a brush attachment and vacuuming on low, or gently wiping the heads and leaves with a damp cloth.

You'll see from the extent of our inspiration page that we're well established in bespoke displays, and we listen closely to our customers desires in getting this right for every one. 

We're now introducing our pre-made arrangements that have been tastefully designed ready for you to purchase, either for yourself or as a gift and are exactly the premium quality you'd expect from Petals for Life. Also a selection of single stems to help you to discover your own design skills and can be alternated as frequently as the seasons. Whether it be swapping a wintery berry theme for a blowsy summery selection or simply wanting a change, the choice is totally yours.

At Petals for Life we know it’s as much about you as it is flowers, so please get in touch with any questions or requests you have as we’d love to catch up with you soon!