Five Easy Steps to Arrange Your Own Flowers.

All you need: A vase, a selection of stems and wire cutters.


Step 1. Choose your vase & flowers.

The wider the opening on the vase, the more flowers you will need. By choosing an opaque vase you have the option to bend the flower stems, and therefore reuse them. These flowers are going to last so be sure they compliment the surroundings. Select a variety of sizes, textures, colours & foliage.



Step 2. Start with foliage.

Eucalyptus, Ivy & Fern are good greenery options. Cut or bend stems & place in your vase to create the overall arrangement shape. Measure stems against the vase to determine the length you need.



Step 3. Add the focal point.

Usually the focal flowers are the largest or the ones with an unusual colour. It is best to add an odd amount of these so the arrangement doesn't end up too symmetrical.


Step 4. Add the fillers.

Cut or bend down the smaller flowers and use these to fill any gaps around the focal flowers.



Step 5. Place in the perfect spot!

Enjoy your faux flower arrangement for years to come, just give them a gentle dust/hoover every now and again to keep them clean. 


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